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Color Changing Shower heads

Showering regularly is necessary, but especially if youre alone, can be boring. Heres something to help you guys out with this.

Check out these supercool glowing LED Showerheads which will make your morning shower  more fun. 
Try them out and tell me what you think about them!

Heres the link to for only $11.95.


Boring chinese food?

If you want to spice up youre chinese food experience and also have some trouble eating them, this might be for you. Not only does it look funny, it helps you eating with chopsticks, as it keeps the end open and you only have to focus on closing and opening the tips.

Heres the link for only 3.95

Check them out it really improves your chopstickkills :D



that you dont kiss her enough? Buy her this AWESOME BACOM FLAVOURED LIP BALM and i bet you will be all over her! LOL she probably will regret that she'd ever said this to you ;)

For only 5,99 you can get this off of amazon.

However if you dont have a girlfriend, you can of course use it on your on lips to get that tasty bacon flavour allllll the time! :D

What do you think of this? Tell me in the comments!



Who does not enjoy a rich breakfast with some bacon, cheese and eggs?
To improve the quality and fun in breakfast, i'd like to present you some awesome egg fryer you can use to make some AWESOME EGGS! :D

The first one has the shape of a gun and will make you look total badass and feel like a man right from the beginning of your day.  


Heres the direct amazon link to buy one for only 8,49

The second one is nice to pull an AWESOME PRANK on your girl. It has the shape of a penis and only costs 2,49 on amazon

Heres the direct amazon link to buy one for only 2,49 at AMAZON

So check these out and let me here in the comments what you think of them. :D