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Who does not enjoy a rich breakfast with some bacon, cheese and eggs?
To improve the quality and fun in breakfast, i'd like to present you some awesome egg fryer you can use to make some AWESOME EGGS! :D

The first one has the shape of a gun and will make you look total badass and feel like a man right from the beginning of your day.  


Heres the direct amazon link to buy one for only 8,49

The second one is nice to pull an AWESOME PRANK on your girl. It has the shape of a penis and only costs 2,49 on amazon

Heres the direct amazon link to buy one for only 2,49 at AMAZON

So check these out and let me here in the comments what you think of them. :D



Neuroquila said...

LOL! Those are indeed epic. I may just have to go ahead and get me some of those, haha.

I like were you're going with your blog, looking forward to future posts!

Pif said...

lol those are nice

ExplosiveSex said...

HAHAHAHA this would be hilarious for my gf!
Oh wait, I don't have a gf

Dantio said...

that is awesome

timthemyth said...

there should be one shaped like boobs :D

Ben said...

got the dick shaped one for birthday, someones trying to tell me something

Joubz said...

I Lol'd hard at the dick!